On the detective's trail

You are the best investigators in the region!

Well… almost the bests! The best is named Timothée Lautrec. But lo and behold, while investigating a case of theft of paintings, he was attacked and now lies in the hospital with no memories of his investigation. All he has left is his backpack.

Can you unravel the mysteries of the backpack to find the thief’s name before he escapes for good?

For who ?

Ideal if you are a beginner, this adventure is accessible to all.

Challenge your friends, colleagues or family in duel mode in which two teams compete in the same scenario. Who will be the fastest to identify the culprit?

Numbers of players
Normal mode from 2 to 6 players
Duel mode from 2 to 12 players


1h30 maximum

Approximately 2.5 km walk

Languages available:
French, English

Simple mode :
15 euros per player

Free for children under 12

Minimum rate at 45 euros

Dual mode :
18 euros per player
Free for children under 12
Minimum rate at 72 euros

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Un vieux sac datant des années 80 a été retrouvé dans les locaux de Mysterius Escape. Il semblerait qu’il contienne des informations sur le légendaire trésor toulousain.

Votre équipe de chasseurs du paranormal doit identifier un mystérieux démon. Pour cela vous devrez arpenter les rues et interroger les esprits.

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