You are paranormal hunters and decide to spend the night studying old documents belonging to an ancient witch.

Everything indicates that a demon still rages today in a Toulouse district and that it is only possible to ward off it at night when all the planets are aligned. This very rare event is taking place right now and ends at sunrise.

You will have until dawn to question the spirits that still haunt the neighborhood, identify the demon, trace it back to it and eliminate it once and for all.

For who ?

If you are a beginner, prefer one of our more accessible adventures.

Numbers of players

from 2 to 6


2h30 maximum


Approximately 3 km walk

Languages available:



22 euros per player

Free for children under 12

Minimum rate at 66 euros

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Votre équipe d'enquêteurs de choc se lance à la poursuite des voleurs du tableau du Capitole. Tout ce que vous avez à votre disposition est un sac à dos rempli d'indices.

Aurum Tolosanum (l'or de Toulouse)

Un vieux sac datant des années 80 a été retrouvé dans les locaux de Mysterius Escape. Il semblerait qu’il contienne des informations sur le légendaire trésor toulousain.

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